May 7, 2009

Blogging is hard.

Willi would be so proud if she saw me right now! The reason I say this is because I tell her everyday that I need to blog and then she tells me to... and I still never do! But I am making myself right now.

Well hello my fellow blogger buddies. Blogging is so much work to a lazy college kid like me.

So a couple weeks ago I moved to Utah. Before I left I was really, really nervous I knew it was going to be tough moving away from my friends and family, and tough to get used to a whole new place. I ended up going to the bookstore and buying a couple books titled "If Life Were
 Easy It Wouldn't Be Hard," and " When times are tough," there were a couple more. The point is that basically I was preparing myself for a depressing time in hell. Even when I was buying these Brian was like "Do you plan on killing yourself or something? It won't be THAT bad" I was in total disagreement. 

Before I left I spent as much time with my best friends and family that I could.

At a party, my last weekend in Arizona.

Also before I left I went on two dates... 
To POP! the soda shop and sprinkles with ernest

and a picnic with Jeffy. and his neice and nephews
Love those kids!

I had a going away party and I got to say bye to all my friends there, and it made it almost harder to leave cause i realized I actually do have a lot of good best friends in Arizona. I am
 glad that I got to meet and hang out with some of the best friends I have in the last 6-8
 months.  I am going to miss them all, but especially Ernest, Weazel, Cameron, Alexa, Jeff, Brandon, Taylor, and Cale.



 Best friendssss. Awh. Cales like a big brother. and besides Ian... I am his #1 wingman.

 Baby Girl<3>



 TAY TAY! one of my best friends since forever!

I love my cousin!

Ashley, Emily, Haleigh, and Jamie. That's a whole other story. They are my best friends and it
 is really hard to not be able to have them here whenever I need them and to just have them around. They are my other half! So sad.

 We love doing girls night... This one ended with us at the Buzz. hahah

 Holiday Jaimesiter and I on my last day! Miss her!

My little sister is my best friend! I miss her so much!

Emily and I always love to take pictures where we are matching. I am having separation anxiety from Emily already.

Also, I really really miss Fili B's and QT. But the good news is... Fili B's misses me back. 

Since I have been in Utah I have been able to send Ashley, Emily, Jamie, and Haleigh "Daily Updates" everyday and sometimes more than once a day! It is greaaat I love it.

I've already had two visitors! ^

So I am here in Utah and I am living in the cutest house on the block. I love it.
Kelsey, Lindsey, and I live in it with two other roommates, Cami and Jennifer. It is so much fun to get to know people and make new friends. 

The weather here is amazing and I love it. The scene is beautiful and I am excited to spend more time going on hikes and doing outdoors things since its not as hot here as in AZ baby.
I will  blog soon!

Some funny videos from my going away partyyyy.