January 15, 2009


So you know when you come out of walmart and you unlock your car wiht the clicky thing just so it'll be ready when you get there right? So, i unlock it... and i get in the driver seat and some RANDOM weird little boy had the back passenger door cracked open and yelled BOOOO! into my car. i think he might have thought it was someone else, or maybe he was just so weird. But, it was crazy! i really wanna try that sometime... but to someone i know! It scared the bageezies outta me!

I do not know why thats underlined...
Anyways, Is it normal that my mouth and arm are still bruised from getting my wisdom teeth out 8 days ago?

Monya and Eric are in mexico! So you'd think a teenage girl would be like "Okay, yeaaah lets party!" But not me. I think I am kinda like Benjamin Button... My teen years are more like my 80's or something. All I ever wanna do is sleep. I think I'm all caught up. After that nap today. phewww I better be. I slept in to the latest I ever have in my life. It was great! I'm going to mexico tomorrow and I was so pumped thinkin all my fun crazy friends were gunna come... but HEY at least I have jamie.

The rest are either working, or boyfriend girls, or in Provo. :(

I miss kelsey!

January 14, 2009

Lack of Sleep

It's bad when the "drive thru guy" at In-n-Out gives you your change and says "Hey, get some sleep...." because you almost fell asleep waiting for your change.

Also, it's the middle of the winter and my chapstick melted....How is that possible?

This New Blog Thing

All I have been hearing about are these dumb blogs lately. Supposidely its only for married couples or old ladies? But i got one anyways. Maybe because I am bored at work, maybe because I secretly wanted one all along? I dont know, but i have one. And I have no clue what I do with it. Someone make it cute for me! Thanks!

This past week has been insane. I don't know how i would have been able to get through it without my family and my best friends. The passing of Brother Barney was hard. He always treated me and my friends like second daughters... or 6th daughters. But I am so thankful that i had the oppurtunity to get to know him while he was on this earth and to learn from his great example. He helped my testimony to grow, and helped me to want to be a better person. I am so, so thankful for him and all that he did for me. Also, later on in the week i got my wisdom teeth out, ha! I looked like a chipmunk... soo cute. But I'm so glad i got it done and over with now. I guess when I woke up from it, the whole time I was asking everyone where Jamie Patterson was. I actually called 9 people in 3 minutes, one person actually lives in California and doesn't even know Jamie. What a crackhead. But it was good to have a lot of visitors! Thanks!

I am back to work this week and lovin' it!..... NOT. I work at Yogurberry, and I work mornings. We are lucky if we get more than 5 customers in one day. Usually we just sit around and clean and make ourselves yogurt. Work...partly the reason i made this blog. Yesterday was the first day i've worked here that i didn't use Windex. It was great! I need a new job... any ideas?