September 6, 2009

I'm slow.

So as man of you may know, I was homeless for a while! But finally I found a home!
For a week after I got engaged I was living with the Wrights and poor Brian had to sleep on the couch while I got to sleep in his bed. He even cleaned his room for me and washed his sheets, which is kind of a big deal because he doesn't do these things very often. Which is weird, because Brian is kind of a neat freak or a perfectionist. Not over the top, but just perfect. Anyways, so for that whole week Brian and I were trying to find myself a place to live. Not too much luck until my ever so amazing soon to be brother and sister in law (Aubree, who is Brians older sister, and her husband Todd) offered to let me live at their home! I had to think about this for a little, only because I didn't want to be such a hassle! So I stayed at the Wrights a couple more days and Brian had to work every morning til SUPER late. So I made some new best friends to substitute my lovey while he was gone everyday. Four of them... Dee Dee (Brians mom), Aubree (Brians sister), and Lily and Lorenzo (Aubs 18 month old babies). Haha Anyways, Long story short, I moved in with Aubree and Todd in their condo in Bountiful! I think I slept there for a week, if THAT, before they sold their condo! So I got it all in their and then they of course offered for me to move with them! So I did! I am now living with them in such a beautiful house in Sandy! My Roomates are super cute! I love them!

Also, Brian and I found a house too! We put the deposit down on it and it is officially ours! Yay! I am so excited! I will post pictures of it as soon as I get them on the computer.

44 more days til' our wedding and I just wish it was only 4! I am so excited I want it to be tomorrow!