February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Loves of mine!

In the Past 3 days there has been birthdays of four people whom I love dearly. All of whom are family!

Lets start off with my best friend, Lily! Happy Birthday Lil Bug! I love you so, so much, you know I do because I smother you with my love when we play together, and you do the same! I love to play with you when we get together, I love when you follow me around and say "oh geez, kiki" because I take the hat off that you put on me and take off me over and over again. And if my hair doesn't look good, you'll be the one to tell me when you say "uh oh" then fix it and say "pitty hair" I love when you see me without your uncle Brian and you say "Uh oh, wheres byan?" I love when you are so excited to see me and play with me and give me hugs! You make me laugh til' my stomach hurts and theres tears rolling down my face, even when its just me and you in the room! I love you so much Lily girl! Thanks for making me laugh everyday I see you, and for making me feel loved and for being so easy to love! You are an amazing little girl, Lily Bug and I can't wait to see you grow and mature! and to see how many hearts you'll break! haha you little flirt! I love you so much! I'll always be here when you need me, and I will always love you!
Aunt Daitdyn

Lorenzo! Talk about the stud of all 2 year old studs! Enzo, Happy Birthday! I sure do love you little man! You truly are the cutest boy ever and you melt every persons heart with your smile! That smile is the best ever, I tell your mom how cute it is all the dang time! That smile could light up anyones worst day! You are such a smart boy! I know you will grow up to do something so amazing and meaningful in this world, you are a little whiz! I love to play with you! I love when you get all excited and run around and get everyone in the room excited! You are such a good brother, I love to watch you and Lily play together and to see the way you protect her and how much you love her! I can't wait for you to grow up a little bit and come on adventures with Brian and I because you are such an adventurous boy, you so fun to be around! I will always be here if/when you need me. Promise me when you grow up you will always be that protective brother, sweet, loving cuddle bug you are!
Kaitlyn (p.s. I cant wait to hear you say my name one day!)


My sister in law, Aubree, where do I begin? What an amazing woman! Since I have moved to Utah, (besides Brian) Aubree has been the person I go to for any and everything! I feel so lucky to have someone so close to me that is such an amazing woman! She is one of the best people I know, she is always doing good for others and is so selfless! She always is there for me and listens to me when I need someone to talk to! We also have so much fun together, we laugh and joke and get so carried away in our ideas and silliness! Aubree, I love you! Thank you for all that you do and have done for me! Thank you for allowing me to move in with you when I was homeless! Thank you for being an amazing person to look up to, a great role model, and such a good big sister (in law)! I can't wait for our business to start. "Sew Wright for You" - celebrity children clothing line. I love you! Happy Birthday!

Yesdnil Yenrab! aka Lindsey Barney. She is such a strong person, she's been through so much and she's still smiling! Lindsey, you light a room when you walk into it, you put a smile on everyones face! You are such a joy to be around and you have such an uplifting spirit to you! I am so grateful to have had you as such a huge role in my life in the last 6 or 7 years! Thank you for changing my life and making me who I am today! Thank you for being an example and a sister to me! I love you so much and am eternally grateful for such a beautiful friendship we have between all of us girls! I love you Lindsey, and know that I do and I always will!Happy Birthday!

(I don't have a single pic of Linds and I on my new computer, but we have about 1,000 together haha)