July 26, 2010


Brian and I are the marriage of the traveling people.

We have been traveling so much lately and it has been so fun, but now we are in work mode for the next couple months! We went to Mexico on thursday until sunday this weekend because I had work off on Friday! So we went down with my mom, and met with my dad who was already there since Tuesday!

We played volleyball, the boys golfed, we swam, ate a ton, played games, almost everything mexico has to offer! I even got fried! haha Brian thinks it is funny because he is always the one who gets sunburnt and this time its me, and I was the one who put sunscreen on every second! We played in a volleyball tournament while we were there with some people on the beach. I forgot how awful at volleyball I am. It was so fun though! I got to spend some time with my mom which we havent alone in a while, and I think my dad took us to eat so much we all gained a couple. haha

It was fun! I wanted to stay a little longer. Brian kept saying how he would be down there every week if we lived in Arizona!

This week is a busy one. Brians younger brother Andy is marrying his highschool sweetheart, Erin! I love them both and they are so perfect for eachother I am glad they are tying the knot! I love Erin and I can't wait to have another sister in law! The Wrights side of the family is growing and it is so fun! I love them all!

(Our next planned adventure is a cruise to the carribean on the last week of September)

July 19, 2010

I was right!

Last week was so fun, and amazing!
On Friday, Brian and I drove out to Park City right around noon time. So we got there pretty early in the day and we just got to hangout with my mom and dad! Brian and my dad decided to do a 9 hole at golf. So my mom and I went and got some groceries to make breakfast, and to look for some fun games to play. Anyways, long story short.. the weekend was so fun. My mom and dad spoiled us with dinner and lunch everyday! Also, my dad took Brian golfing twice.. the first time they just did 9 holes, and the second time they did 18. We picked up Haleigh from the airport Friday night and I was so glad she came! We went and visited Lecith and Dalein. I took some pictures of Haleigh and she took some of Brian and I. We went to the movies, shopped, and went hot tubbing everynight on our balcony! It was a blast. I didn't want to have to leave! But Bri & I had work Monday so we needed to! But, my mom and dad came out to Bountiful on Monday and we all went bowling... Come to find out, I am the absolute worst bowler in the world. They also took us to dinner one more night and ended their trip with taking us grocery shopping. It was suuch a blessing, and one of the best gifts Brian and I got all weekend! They dropped Haleigh off and she stayed with us Monday-Friday! It was so fun to come home and hangout! We tried to do fun little things everynight while hales was there! I've missed her! haha she and Brian are like two peas in a pod. They're like bffs. haha Anyways, that was an update of the week! I loved having my family here, I wish the Roussels could have come!

So on Friday, Brian took Haleigh and I to the airport, I decided to go to Arizona for the night and go to my Aunt Sonya's suprise birthday party! I am so glad I did, it was so nice to see all my extended family, and the Roussels! I suprised everyone when I went! I had to fill my Recker tank because I have been on empty and missin that kid! I didn't put him down the whole time, and I even fell asleep with him!

I flew back on the first flight on Saturday morning, Brian picked me up and dropped me off at home. I got the car all ready, and packed and got ready, he came home from work and we left for St. George. We were so lucky to be able to stay at his aunts townhome. She was so kind to let us stay there! We got down there adn settled in the town home and watched some tv. (We take advantage of watching tv when we can because we dont have cable.) Then we went to dinner, Outback. That is our favorite place to go, we ended up just watching a movie and falling asleep. Sunday, we went to Brians mission president and his wives homecoming, also their two children who went with them to paraguay spoke as well! They were amazing speakers and taught so much, you could really feel the spirit! I was so happy I got to meet them, they had so much love for Brian and were so happy for us. You could tell they really love Brian, and he loves them! They are the kind of people that everyone strives to be! It was so fun to meet all of Brians mission friends and their wives. After the homecoming and open house we went back to the town house and napped and then got all ready to come back to Bountiful! The drive back was so fun, we played games and talked about pretty much everything! I am so thankful for a fun, and loving husband who keeps me laughing!

Next week, my brother in law, Andy gets married to Erin! I am so excited because I love Erin! Andy and Erin are so perfect for eachother, highschool sweethearts and all! I am so glad to be getting ANOTHER sister in law who I love!

July 8, 2010

I'm starting to notice a pattern.

Brian and I never take as many pictures as we used to which means my blog is getting boring.

The 4th of July was fun! We went to a Rodeo in Oakley on the 3rd with our friends Megan and Hunter! Brian and Hunter are mission friends and we love to get together with him and Megan! The rodeo was so much fun, afterward Brian said he needs to get into rodeos. (Joking of course) But I tell ya, that boy has more hobbies than anyone I know. It's hard to keep up with!

On the 4th we went to Brians sister and her husbands house and had BBQ, and hungout with family and then we drove up to Park City for the firework show! We did this last year as well, it was so much fun! I love my in laws! We always have so much fun when we get together with them!

Today my mama and dad come into town and Brian and I get to party with them this weekend! I love hanging out with my parents, they always spoil us with restaurants and their time! haha

and on Saturday, Hales is coming to town and staying for a while! Which will be so fun because whenever I come into town she usually has stuff going on and so do I so it will be fun to spend time together!

It is going to be a good weekenddd!

July 1, 2010


We wish we were in Mexico! Celebrating the independence of the USA!

Brian does especially. He can't wait to play golf with my dad and jj!
We don't have any weekend vacations lined up for a while.. we want more!