February 6, 2012

Since Christmas: Softball coaches, girlfriends!, snowboarding, California, dates with my nephew, haircuts,


Just some random pictures from our Christmas trip to Utah to stay with the Wrights. This trip was much needed. I love visiting my in-laws and I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to do so! We also found out that two of my sister-in-laws are pregnant and due this summer! So exciting.
Brian and Ethan.

Lily's dollhouse

I have been waiting for these for a year...

Grandma Wright made all these stockings for grandkids.

The original Nielsens

Lily & Lorenzo (my niece and nephew)will always have my heart! I love them.

Day date with this girl.

The finished Quilt I made for my mother-in-law!

Brian & I fell in love with Milo! (I am not even an animal person)

The cutest pictures I found of my Mother and Father in law.

We got to meet up with our friend Cody- Check out PEOPLE WATER

Bountiful Temple

I forgot how much I love the homes in Utah.