November 17, 2009





xoxo, mrs. wright!

November 3, 2009

Guess what?!

I have a job! A dang good one! I am the office managers assistant as a doctors office in salt lake! But not just any office manager, oh no, Cher Struck. Now, many of you may not know Cher Struck, but you should know... she is the busiest woman in the world. She gets busiest, most tasks at one, best multi-tasking person award of the year! I am telling you, this woman owns everything and everyone around her! She runs this office, she is amazing! Haha and she is so funny! Basically, I have the best job ever, with the best boss ever! I love her! Anyways, I am getting married in 10 days... who can believe it?! I am not raising my hand on that one! I cannot believe how fast the engagement went, and how soon I am to be Mrs. Wright! I cannot wait! I love my life right now! It's just going to keep getting better! I will be in Arizona in 4 days and Brian will in 6! yeeeeess!! then we are there til the wedding! Who is excited?! I am!!! I can't wait!

THIS IS GOING TO BE ALL OUT OF ORDER, but just be happy you are getting it!
I went to arizona and right when I got there, JJ (my brother in law) and I made a MASTERPIECE and let me tell you it really, really was! (REPPING MY HUBBYS MISSION PRAGUAY)

and THEN I text sister kelly and ASKED her if i could babysit for her! whats that? you think I dont have a life because I want to babysit kids for fun.... well if you are thinking that then you do NOT know sister kellys kids! they are the freakin CUTEST! and Hales and I had the pleasure of watching her nieces and nephews too! We had such a blast! and then once the camera came out of my purse, miss Nora was her mothers daughter, a photographer thats for sure! (NOTICE HER CUTTING OFF OF THE HEADS)

my bridal shower in arizona was so great and I loved everyone who came and I thank them all for showing me love and support, I love this change that is happening! It is the best thing ever!

HALLOWEEN! It was so fun! we had a good time with all of our favorite married couple friends playing games and FUN ones let me tell you! Brian and I had NO costumes cause we both worked all day and were stressing... so 20 minutes after the party started ( we were really late) we came up with this!


p.s. Brian and I put up christmas lights on our house and even better, a christmas tree! with lights on it! we are both so holiday happy! we went crazy! but we have an excuse for putting them up earlier than halloween! we are coming to arizona, then honeymoon, then thanksgiving, then Brians brother andy gets home from his mission! (which is going to be so exciting to meet another brother of mine! i already love the 5 that I know!) anyways, then we will have no time to get them up! whatever! make fun of our overly happy christmas spirits all you want!

p.s.s. SISTER STUM!!! I LOVE YOUU!! thanks to your gift we used our date night to have christmas fun!


October 19, 2009

27 days to go!

Dear Mr. Wright,

I am so in love with you.

Only 27 more days til' eternity!


October 15, 2009

Leaves are changing!

The leaves in Utah are so pretty right now! Brian and I decided we wanted to go on a small hike yesterday as we were already driving up the mountain! We took a few pictures! It was so fun! This past week I've been in Utah Brian and I have done fun little things every day or night! Love is in the air! A month from yesterday til' our wedding!

(Note: Don't mind Brian's mustache. hahhah)

at the end of the hike... Brian ran ahead of me and tried to camouflage himself so he could scare me.

Today Brian and I woke up at 5:30... (be impressed) haha and went to the airport to say bye to Blake, he's off to the Dominican Republic. He's very obedient and was nervous about us standing around him there. But, we couldn't help ourselves! He's so cute! He's going to be a great missionary!

I finally got the pictures from Brians camera (which is what we use to take pictures) I'll fill you in on some things.

I learned how to wakeboard

These are the pictures from the bike ride part of our engagement

We went to Park City with the Wrights again! and we rode that coaster like it was nobodys business!

We made our first purchase together!

Reunited for Kelseys birthday!

We went to California! with Taylor and Mysti!

Blake left on his mission! and my hair is more blonde!

When Brian came to arizona to visit last week we painted this huge thing for our wedding... this was the end result.

AND I caught a dragonfly. haha kind of.

Anyways, I think that's all for now! I am off to Arizona again tomorrow!

October 7, 2009


I've had a lot of time this past couple days to think about how grateful I am for the things in my life that I have.

I'm thankful for the best soon to be husband in the world who treats me better than I deserve, who is my best friend, who I
can be myself with and have so much fun with!

I'm thankful for a father & mother who have raised me well and are always here for me when I need them!

I'm thankful for my siblings, who are so close to me, they are some of my best friends! (JJ, I dont have a pic! sorry!)

I'm thankful to have had the chance to know my grandad, who taught me so much and made me laugh everyday!

I'm thankful for an amazing soon to be family that takes care of me and makes me feel at home! (Aubs, dont kill me!) haha

I'm thankful for friends who support me through all my crazy, tough times and lift me up!

I'm thankful to live in a state that has a church on every corner, and my home city as well!

I'm thankful for prayer, the power of prayer is stronger than I would have ever thought possible!

I'm thankful for my health (minus the times when my heart beats faster than my body can handle! haha)

I'm thankful to live in a beautiful home, in Utah and in Arizona.

I'm thankful to safe and secure with the people I surround myself with!

I'm thankful for this day and ages technology and the things we can do with what we are given!

I'm thankful for optimistic people!

I'm thankful for the little things in life that make people smile!

I'm thankful for trees and flowers, mountains and hills, and the beauty that fills the earth!

I'm thankful for everything and everyone that is in my life right now, I can't even express how thankful!
I love it all so much! I love life, of course we always want it to be better but life is what we make of it!
With all the trials in my life that I have gone through, am going through, and will go through I still have so much great around me!
I am thankful, so much gratitude in my heart!

Thank You! Thank You! Merci! Gracias! THANK YOU!!!