February 23, 2009

Its been a while.

Geez, its been far too long since I last blogged. So mexico was so much fun, way crazy! Can't wait to go back! Except the news is gettin more and more intense about these killings in mexico... Warning from the news: Do not let your college students go to Rocky Point, Mexico... especially for spring break... you know what i have to say? GO TO MEXICOOO. I cant wait to go back. So lets see.... what has happened since I last blogged? Pretty much nothing because my life is so exciting.... not. Yogurberry is going great, I knew everyone was wondering. Except i hardly work at all. Likeee 22 hours a week! and I dont go to school so I am on the hunt for a new job. Any one got any ideas? Help a sister out.

In mexico though, I love that 2 of the club owners know my name! haha and the dj! we ruled the city of rocky point when we were there! there was 24 of us! talk about a party right?

Tyler Welker! He's leaving on his mission tomorrow! I'm gunna see him while he's set apart and in utah... But still. Weird! Gunna miss that butthead and all his smart comments and weird metaphors! Shout out to Elder Welk.

So its Lindsey's birthday! Woooo the big 1-9. That's my girl! Love her so much! I am actually in the airport riiight now on my way to suprise her so i am really hoping she doesnt read this right before i get there! Can't wait to see her and kels it's been too long and i've missed them. But i hate the cold so i dont like to visit too much! Eh i guess I'll have to suck it up for a week!

So, I know i have some crazy stories for all you who actually like to read my blog... BUT... I dont think any of them are short enough to type.

I need stories. and a life.

February 4, 2009

Oh man.

So, the Yogurberry job is really kicking off. I've been here less than 4 months and I am already famous. Today i was on the news. Channel 10, Cory's Corner. It was so awkward though, if anyone saw it and they saw the last minute of us on it.. that was NOT rehearsed at all. So after we told the camera about our favorite flavors then they realize "Oh we have an extra minute, longer than we thought" So Cory (news man) puts his arm around us and swaying side to side starts singing "YOGURT BUDDIES... YOGGUUUURT BUDDIES." and I'm wondering... "did i miss this song? When did we practice this?" so on the t.v. I'm just looking around and laughing and thinkin "what the heck is going on?" So after singing yogurt buddies for 30 seconds (it may not sing long, but try it... its long. especially on tv) since I am the only girl who works mornings, he has me put my face up close to the camera and smile and wave and thumbs up and all the jazz. for 30 seconds! that"s so long. I requested to not even have to be on the screen, little did i know i was going to have a Vanna White segment for 30 seconds. I should have attempted to get ready this morning. Oh well.

If anyone knows my dad, he is the funniest man alive. He doesnt try to be, he just is. Amazing. So Pops calls me this morning (super pumped that i'm going to be on the news) and he tells me all the stuff to do: Make sure i'm on the screen, smile, look good, be friendly. He thinks he knows all the works because he pointed out he's been on the news 3 times in the past year (every channel he says) Oh dad.

MEXICO THIS WEEKEND. theres like 30 of us going. I can't wait! I will have the update on monday when I get back!

SO....... UTAH? NO UTAH? votes....