April 13, 2011

Girls Night

This weekend I was lucky enough to get together with some of my best girl friends! Sometimes I forget how nice it is to have such amazing friends! I can't wait for the next girls night out, or better yet girls weekend!

April 4, 2011


Today when I got off of work I was really tired! Especially since Brian, Haleigh, Haleigh, Emily, and I stayed up REAL late last night. So when I got home I just wanted to lay on the couch and watch a little t.v. Brian really wanted to go get dinner, I wasn't that hungry but he had a coupon so I had to go! We went and picked up Costa Vida, got some cups and a Dr. Pepper and got back in the car. I thought we were just going to go home, but little did I know Brian wanted to take me on a little date. We went to "the dock," where we used to ride beach cruisers even before we started dating! We would always go there and just talk, but haven't been back since we were married. It was really fun, and super sweet of him! I love my husband!

April 3, 2011


If I owned a camera I feel like maybe I'd actually want to blog a little bit more!
Not that there is anything going on really.
Anyways, so since its already April, I guess I need to blog again.

So last year a lady I worked with told me a funny joke her friend played on April Fools and I wanted to do it since then.
With the help of my sister Haleigh and her friend Haleigh and their friend, I was able to play my little joke on Brian.

Three years ago, I played a reaally bad April Fools joke on Brian with help from my friends Jeff and Cale. He got a call at 12am from Jeff asking if he knew where I was because my family couldn't find me and I ran away. After he called every person in my family, and me several times, Jeff called and told him that they found me and I got in a bad car accident and was in the ICU. Bad, right? Well, I called him a little while later and said "promise not to be mad at me?" and he still thought I was in the hospital. Long story short... I said "April Fools" and click went the phone. He got over it the next day though. I guess that wasn't even funny, kind of a rude joke to play?

A couple months later, when I was living in Provo (which was an hour drive from Brians house) Brian left my house at about 2 or 3 am. You know, the whole dating thing here you never want to say goodbye. Anyways, I got a call from his little sister the next morning saying "You know what happened right?" Here I am freaking out, "NO, WHAT HAPPENED?!" "Brian got in an accident last night, his car rolled three times. He is really hurt." I was freaking out! "WHO'S FAULT WAS IT? WHICH HOSPITAL IS HE AT?!" "It was a result of drowsy driving." I felt so bad. Why the heck did I beg Brian to keep staying late. Then a little bit of me thought it might be a joke. I said to Tori, "If this is a joke I am not taking you shopping..." Rude, I know. But she told me it wasn't so I told her to call me when she found more out. Later that day, Brian calls me out of the blue and acts like he had no idea Tori was playing a joke on me! hahah what a rude brother! He tried to blame it all on Tori! I guess after Brians mom found out what he was doing, she made him call and tell me it was a joke! THANK YOU, DEEDEE! I was so mad, only because it wasn't April Fools.

Long story short, I played him back, he played me back, etc.
We decided it was a good idea to stop playing jokes on eachother!

This year I had Haleighs' friend call Brian and say "Hello, this is Ali from Dr. ____'s office, is this Brian Wright? Well your wife didn't answer her phone and she has your listed as an emergency contact person. She had some testing done the other day, is it okay if I leave them with you? (Yes) Okay great! Well is looks like her ovaries are fine, no cysts. But we did do a routine pregnancy test and the results came back positive! Congratulations!" Brian said "April Fools, right?" Ali said "no... sorry!" and he proceeded to ask if we owed anything and etc. Ali said "well if you could have your wife call so we can get her in for an appointment here in the next few weeks that'd be great!" Brian was in shock. I let it go on for a while, he started acting really funny so I felt bad. I said April Fools and he said he never believed it! LIES!

Next year I hope to get him really good!

That's really all I have to post about right now!
I guess I will have to find something exciting for next time, this one was kind of boring! Sorry for those of you who read this!