January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday

To the most amazing person in the world
To the strongest person I know

To the woman who loved me even on my worst days
To the most beautiful woman in the world (inside and out)

To the person who always stood by me, even when I was wrong

To one of the funniest ladies out there

To the person I miss more than anything
To the woman who is always there for me

To such a loving person
To a woman I admire, and want to be like

To the woman who carried me in her stomach for 9 months
To the best mother in the world

Happy Birthday! I love you so much!

the only child who calls you "mama"

such a babe you are, even at 40!

January 12, 2010

te extrano!

I miss you, Blake!

For those of you who don't know Blake, let me tell you a little bit about him...
He is one of the funniest people ever, he never talks bad about a single person... ever, he loves to pretend to be a creep to his sisters, he's the only boy out of 4 kids so he's learned a LOT about girls, thanks to us. Sometimes I feel bad he has to hear the things he does, but at least he's prepared to be a dad with girls. haha Anyways, Blake is really reliable, if I called him right now and asked him to pick me up from somewhere that was 45 minutes away, he would. Blake is so loving and so sweet, and always treats everyone with respect and love (now a days especially) Blake and I are so close in age, we became the best of friends in high school. He is still one of my best friends to this day! We both can be so open and honest with each other and always give each other advice, I really miss him!

He's on his mission now, and what an amazing example of faith to me he is, to leave at such a hectic time in our lives right now. and for him to be leaving at the age of 21, when all his friends are already home and some married, what and amazing testimony he has. I am so lucky to be his sister, and for him to call me his best friend! I love him so much and I miss him! I know he is doing whats best for him, and for this church. What a selfless act to dedicate your life for two years to the Lord. How amazing.

Anyways, I just really love my brother!

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January 6, 2010


How is it that I used to be such a people person and now when I get home from work I just want to be alone with Brian?
When did life get so crazy is such a short period of time?
How do people stay so busy and not go crazy?
When did i start to never have time to do anything?

Life is so busy trying to work full time, school starting next week (at night after work), and be a good wife.

I need a vacation.... Mexico, I miss you.

January 4, 2010

Married life

Wow, so much to catch up on, why do I do this all the tme? it's because I want to put pictures, but i cannot find the cord to brians camera which all our pictures are on!

So, after we got married we came back to utah to out cute little home and worked for a week.. might I add it was a TON of work!
Then we made our way on down to the beautiful Coronado Island! The drive seemed to take a week in itself, it was like 10-12 hours or so but we couldnt leave until after work and we drove all night! we made it fun because I got Brian to start listening to Eclipse (twilight series) on my ipod! And toward the end we were both over the car! haha we finally made it in the middle of the night, we stayed in Susan Browns amazing beach house! She was so awesome to let us stay there! It was beautiful! We had so much fun riding beach cruisers and driving the electric car all over the island touring everything! We had breakfast in the morning at a littel diner with the biggest portions of food and 5$ milkshakes! (they didnt say how much they were on the menu when we ordered them)

anyways, we just spent the week relaxing and shopping! Our faves!
ahah one day we decided to go to Disneyland and it was soo fun because Brian hasnt been there since he was little and could hardly remember it! So it was so much fun to go together! It was such a fun day, Brian spoiled me with 3 churros! Those things arent cheap! We left disneyland really late and had to drive all the way back to coronado that night! Let me tell you, it really took it out of us, we slept in so long the next day!

Our last night we spent it in LA, to shop til we dropped, and we did. We ended up staying the night in LA. We drove to az the next morning to spend thanksgiving with my family. (I guess when you are married you have to trade off families for holidays right? When do you end up just doing your own, does anyone know?) It was so fun to be back in Arizona and with the family! I love being there!

When we got back from thanksgiving we had a couple weeks to get settled in to our cuuute home! which is the CUTEST home by the way!

Kayla had her baby, Recker, and he is juuust THEE cutest baby in the world.

Brians brother, Andy, got home from his mission a couple days later and ti was the first time i got to meet him! He's awesome!
(and he's single, ladies!)

Brians mom and dad suprised the family with a trip to california for christmas! So, we got to go to disneyland AGAIN! we went to sea world which was soo fun! and we went to disneyland 3 days! which was awesome because we got to do ALL the rides and multiple times! Everyone in the family got to come except Shane mike and his wife Danica, because she's pregnant and due in a couple weeks! I am SOOO excited for ANOTHER nephew! Woo!
So the trip was fun, it was fun getting to know Andy, and spending time with the family!

We got back to Utah the day after Christmas and Brian and I had our own little christmas at our house together, which was soo fun because we were both so excited to give eachother our gifts!

Brians Aunt and Uncle came in to town a couple days after christmas and we got to spend time with them and their kids for about a week, which was super fun and we cant wait to hangout with them again in arizona!

Soooo, that is my update to you all. I dont know why i even blog, no one reads it anyways haha, and I am so slow at it! hahah but now you all know, Brian and I have beeen constantly moving around and been here and there and doing this and that so we havent had time at all to even sit and think haha its been weird! But things will start to slow down here now that the hoidays are over and we will have more time to relax and hangout with each other! I am ready for some slowin down in my life!

pictures are to come!