February 15, 2011

Uncle Brian

This is how I know Brian is going to be a good dad.... He feeds Reese's Peanut Butter Hearts and sour belt candy to our one year old nephew.
(p.s. sorry for the awful photo quality, all my pictures are taken on my phone. I need a camera.)

Happy Valentines

Thank you for the beautiful flowers!
I love you!

February 10, 2011



I can't decide, and it's time to get my hair done soon.
Brian likes blonde, I think the brown is fun.
I know I will be blonde again someeeday. But as for now, what to do?

February 8, 2011


I would LOVE to own this.
My mama's friend found it at a flea market.
I am guessing it is the only one.

Online window shopping is consuming my night. I want everything online.
But, I don't need any of it. Doesn't mean I shouldn't have it though, right?

February 3, 2011


I can't even tell you how much I love this guy.

I am so grateful.

p.s. we have no recent pictures together. This is the most recent.

February 1, 2011

Does anyone even read this?

Brian and Haleigh were bugging me about updating my blog. I told them no one even reads it, so there is no point.
Anyways, I guess I will do it for myself anyways.

So since we have been here, I have been this little hellion's daytime mama while his real mama is at work.
So I watch him from 7ish-3. I have officially decided the all time best birth control is watching/having kids.
I will not be doin that for a while, well thats the plan right now anyway.
Back to Recker, I stinkin' love this kid so much!
He is a lot to handle, but that is what makes him, him!
Just in the past couple months he has got so much personality and 'tude.

The best part of my day with Recker is naptime! I love cuddling and napping with him!

(These pictures were taken by my little sister, Haleigh)
Naptime with BonBon.

Other than watching that cuteness, I have been looking for jobs and applying all over. I was really hoping for a job with the airlines, but it takes a long time for them to hire people and since Brian is schooling full time, I needed a job asap.
I got one! I started training today and will be training for the next two weeks, but will officially start my job at Dolce Salon & Spa in Scottsdale after training.I am so excited, I can't wait. There are definitely some GREAT perks about working there.

Other than that, Brian has been going to school full time Monday-Friday and studying a ton! I love when I get a couple alone time hours with him! It is the best part of my day!

I will try to update more, I just feel like it's a waste of time when no one reads it and I never take pictures!