June 25, 2010


I need your mexican food!

June 24, 2010

What to do?

I need to start sewing again. I need something fun to do that I like!
Any other suggestions on fun hobbies?
Now that golf and xbox are taking over my husbands life. haha


June 22, 2010


One word to describe the past week I have had... Crummy.
Can it just get better already?

Thank you, Ingrid for helping me get through it.

All I can do is keep breathing...

June 21, 2010

Right now

the only thing on my mind is swimming!

I miss my parents pool in AZ!

I need some sun!
At least the weather is good here in Utard.

June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hubs.

Tuesday, the 15th was Brians 24th birthday! My man is so old now! All day the day before and the day of his birthday he kept saying "One year short of 25! Then I will be half of 50!" haha! He thought it was so funny!

I took the day off work to spend it with Bri, which is only fair since he spoiled me on mine! Turns out he had to end up working. I was so bummed because I had a full day of activities that Brian loves to do! I had to cancel most of them! I woke up super early and made Brian breakfast; french toast, eggs, bacon and orange juice! We got to hang out a little in the morning then he left for work, but not before I could give him his present! Gold clubs, brand spankin new Callaway X20's! haha he was so excited! He has been wanting them for a while now and I played it off like he doesn't need them and we don't have money for them right now, so he was even more excited cause I had surprised him!

When Brian got home we laid on the bed and just talked for a little! He was bummed that he had to work and couldn't do all the things I had planned! At least he got to try out his new clubs though! Which was the highlight of his day! Then we went to dinner, Outback, our favorite! Brian got a 14 oz. I got a 6 ha. Except we got there so late and both of us were so tired we got our food to go! Haha, I think the day was a success for the most part!

We are just lucky we have got to spend all the time we have together since school has been out! It has been nice for both of us! I love you, Brian! You are the best!

I love

June 10, 2010


Day One
We arrived in Hawaii at night/late afternoon and the first thing we did when we got to our room was go to Cheeseburger in Paradise, which has amazing food! The restaurant was right across the street from Waikiki Beach and we could see the ocean from our table. While we were waiting for our food we were all talking about how excited we were to be there! Brian was like a little kid on Christmas Day he jumped out of his chair and said "I'm gonna go touch the water" and ran faster than I have EVER seen him run! He ran through the restaurant and across the street barefoot! (This is one of the things I love most about Brian) After dinner we walked along the beach and down the street with all the city life! It was nice that our Condo was so close to the beach and all going on around it!

Day Two
Brian and I were so excited to be there, and with the time change we were way off on our sleeping schedule! We woke up at about 5am which is 9am in Utah! We were ready to start the vacation so we got up and got ready, put on our beach attire and headed down to the beach before the sun was even up! We got there and Brian decided to surf, so he rented a board and I watched him from the shore, he surfed for a while and then my parents found us and we watched until Brians rental was up! Then we got in the car and went to Leonards. If you have been to Hawaii you have probably heard of Malasadas. They are kind of like a donut, but about a million times better. Filled with Bavarian Cream, Chocolate, or coconut cream, they make them fresh and they practically melt in your mouth! Leonards is the best bakery, known for their amazing malasadas! After that we went to Hanauma Bay where we snorkeled! It was Brians first time snorkeleing and it was a blast to go with him! I have to admit I am deathly afraid of coral, and mean looking fish. haha I think at one point I was almost drowning Brian because I was scared and he said "Youre swimming like a drunk dog, come on!" We saw so many colorful fish and different sea creatures it was awesome! Brian and I decided we would put suncreen on after we snorkeled. Bad idea! I put it on after I snorkeled but Brian didn't until after his second round of snorkeling with my dad! The result of this was our horrible burns, and mine in awkward places and shapes! After snorkeling we went to the north shore, we drove by the Dole Pineapple Plantation, and the PCC, and the beautiful temple! We drove around the whole island almost, which we loved doing because it is gorgeous! On our way home we went grocery shopping and by the time we got home we were pooped and went to bed!

Day Three
We woke up feelings really sunburnt from the night before and didn't have any desire to go in the sun that day! We went to Pearl Harbor and saw the memorial there. It was an awesome experience! It doesn't really sink in, the whole bombing thing, until you are actually there and can see the ships and the planes. After this we drove around the island and stopped at a bunch of scenic spots!

Day Four
On this day we drove around the island to the north shore! We got the best shaved ice that has ever been created! We stopped at a beach where there were a ton of people jumping off a cliff. It took Brian 3 times of his own jumping to actually get me to not be chicken to go! The cliff was not high at all. there were kids less than 10 years old jumping. Brian impressed me with his Pocahantas dive into the water! Also at this beach we saw a huge sea turtle which was lucky because we missed them when we were snorkeling! After we jumped we swam in the water for a little, then decided t go find something else to do! So we went on a beautiful hike that led to a waterfall with FREEZING water! After this we went to north shore beaches and watched people surf and a couple body surf and we got THEE best thing ever created. Maui Wowie Bowls! I am still craving one now!

Day Five & Six
On these days we pretty much just relaxed. We laid by the beach all day almost, we all watched Brian surf! Walked the strip a little on Waikiki, we went to the mall (where we found my dad being pampered at every little kiosk) and we went to the blowhole! Which is just a big hole in some rock that shoots out water! It was nice for all of us to relax and just hangout with eachother before the trip was over!

Brian and I had the best time ever, it was much needed to have a long vacation and to take a break from work and just hangout! Thank you mom and dad for inviting us and making the trip so fun! We love you!

June 4, 2010


Provo for the weekend....
Vegas for the next...
Arizona for the next...
& Mexico....
Hawaii tomorrow!

Four weeks of vacation in a row!
I am so grateful that I can fly for free!

I cannot wait to go to Hawaii tomorrow! Mainly because I can't wait to see Brians reaction to how blue the water is, and for him to go snorkeling for the first time!

On the plane to Arizona tonight I told Brian he was spoiled (jokingly) thinking he would argue it, all he said was... "yeah... I know."
Like he was surprised I was telling him that. hahaha and in the middle of the plane ride he randomly shouted "HAWAII!!" hahaha

I love my husband!