October 4, 2010

Fall Break 2010

We got to spend a whole week with my family this past week! That is the longest amount of consistent days we have had to spend time with all of my family since before we were married! We've spent time with my mom, dad, and Hales, but not so much the Roussels so it was fun for a family vacation all together. Usually when we go to Arizona its just for a couple days, so this was such a blessing!

My dad is amazing, as everyone knows. He took all of us on a cruise to the Caribbean. This was Brians first cruise! I was so excited to get to spend a week away from work and school, and it really was a nice break!

We went to Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel. Our ship actually got to Grand Cayman and we were about to get off when we were told that the weather was too bad and we were unable to. We were all pretty bummed, but still excited to get to go to 3 other countries and to play card games and hangout as a family together!